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4 Tranquill fishing lakes well stocked with carp, tench, bream and much more.
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Coarse Line, Elastic & Rigs

Coarse Line, Elastic & Rigs

Item Description Price
Preston Innovations Reflo Power Line Preston Innovations Reflo Power Line
The Uk's fastest selling hooklength line, PowerLine is exceptionally strong, supple and and clear. Designed for hooklengths, the built-in stretch also makes it an excellent line... More Info>>
Korum Hook Hair with Bait Spike Korum Hook Hair with Bait Spike
Hook Hairs with Bait Spikes are designed for large soft baits like meat, cat food and paste. The high quality eyed hooks have a tied braid hair that is the correct length for larger baits and incorporates... More Info>>
Item # KHHBS
Korum Hair Rigs Korum Hair Rigs
The perfect solution to using a hair rig. Designed especially for general and match carp fishing, Korum Hair Rigs are designed for all types of feeder fishing. Available in 2 expertly, pre-tied versions... More Info>>
Item # KHR
Korum Hook Hairs with Quick Stops Korum Hook Hairs with Quick Stops
This super fast baitstop system comprises a high quality eyed hook, tied braid hair and Quickstop. Perfect for boilies, soft pellets, meat and corn, the Hook Hairs with Quickstops makes fishing with a... More Info>>
Item # KHQS
Korum Bait Stops Korum Bait Stops
 Totally different to conventional bait stops, the Korum version, when used in conjunction with with the Korum Baiting Needle, makes baiting the hair loop simple, quick, easy and secure. The clear... More Info>>
Item # KBS
Korum Bait Arrows Korum Bait Arrows
Designed for use with cat food, paste and soft boilies, the double barbed Korum Bait Arrows hold difficult to hook soft baits very securely and keep the hook point and bend free for better hooking. Hook... More Info>>
Item # KBAr
Korum Bait Spike Korum Bait Spike
Designed to hold soft baits off the hook for a better hooking to strike ratio, Bait Spikes are quick and easy to use. Available in two sizes for all sizes of bait and multiple baits, these can be hooked... More Info>>
Item # KBSp
Korum Link Swivels Korum Link Swivels
Perfect for quickly changing feeders or bombs, Korum Link Swivels are small, neat easy to use and totally reliable. More Info>>
Item # KLS
Korum FeedaBead Korum FeedaBead
The free-running, low friction Korum Feedabead keeps resistance down to a minimum and has a quick change clip for fast changing of feeders and bombs. More Info>>
Item # KFB
Korum Line Snips Korum Line Snips
Ideal forcutting mono line close to knots. Leaves a neat end on thicker mono without flattening and is very accurate. More Info>>
Item # KLSn
Korum Scissors Korum Scissors
These razor sharp Korum Braid Scissors have been designed for cutting braid and mono line cleanly. They feature an easy grip soft touch handle and a serrated steel blade that slices through braid. More Info>>
Item # KS
Korum Quick Change Beads Korum Quick Change Beads
 Quick Change Beads enable you to change your hooklength instantly and also act as a shock bead when fishing a running feeder. Simple to use and totally reliable (they've been thoroughly tested in... More Info>>
Item # KQCB
Preston Innovations Direct Mono Line Preston Innovations Direct Mono Line
 Imagine a line with the bite registration characteristics of braid and the fish playing safety of traditional mono. Impossible? Not with Direct Mono.  Designed for today's modern methods... More Info>>
Daiwa Hydrolastic Daiwa Hydrolastic
Hydrolastic      Hydrolastic is the award winning revolutionary concept in pole elastic. It offers a multi phase performance delivering a wide scale of ratings within one... More Info>>
Item # DH
Preston Innovations Xceed Rig & Hooklength Line Preston Innovations Xceed Rig & Hooklength Line
Xceed is an extremely high quality, accuarately calibrated, low diameter line form Japan. Extremely strong for its diameter, Xceed is soft and supple whilst offering high abrasion resistance making it... More Info>>
Daiwa TDR Reel Line Daiwa TDR Reel Line
TDR Reel Line The higher density of this TDR reel line contributes to its high level of durability and reduced stretch. This makes it ideal for the regular casting of float and feeder work on high catch... More Info>>
Daiwa TDR Rig Line Daiwa TDR Rig Line
TDR Rig Line Supple yet durable, it is the high strength under tension that makes TDR rig line stand out.Made in Japan, it has a perfectly consistent diameter and knots brilliantly. Perfect for rigs,... More Info>>
Item # TDRRL

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