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The Shop

Along with pharmacy services and the clinics that are available we offer an extremely wide range of products for your health, medical and everyday use.

We offer a range of small electrical products that includes, blood pressure monitors, glucose testing kits, room vapourisers, shavers, hair dryers, electric toothbrushes, a full range of mirrors, Aromatherapy oils and Mason Pearson brushes.

We stock most camera batteries along with offering a 24 hour service for all your film developing and printing requirements.

Our fantastic range of fragrences is complimented by cosmetics from Revlon, Almay & Mavala along with Clarins and Bourjois always being in stock. We also have compacts from Stratton.

We offer a large range of disability living products to go with helpful advice. This involves many areas including walking aids, toileting/bathing aids, mobility products and everything needed to make your home life that little bit easier.

Along with travel health advice we offer many holiday products including a full range of sun tan lotions for all types of complexion and passport photos to help you on your way to that exotic location.

Along with the above we also stock an extensive range of over the counter medications along with vitamins, cough sweets, toiletries and female/male grooming products.

Our full range is too large to mention here so why not make time to visit the shop and find out just how comprehensive our range of products is. All at very attractive prices!!

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