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DeCAL 4214 Ink Transfer Additive

DeCAL 4214 Ink Transfer Additive
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DeCAL 4214 is a water borne transfer additive for flexographic inks. It improves definition by controlling the ink film weight. The pigments, binders and machine characteristics will determine the addition level, usually between 2 - 4% as supplied on total formulation. DeCAL 4214 also improves the clean down on the press by increasing the open time.

1. Typical Properties:

  • Appearance        Clear colourless liquid
  • Solids                 20%
  • Viscosity             4700 mPa.s Brookfield RVT 10rpm

2. Procedure: An acrylic grinding media such as DeCAL 4286 and water should be mixed and ground with pigment until a fine dispersion is formed. The remaining ingredients are then added and mixed well to form a homogenous pigment concentrate. DeCAL 4214 does not assist pigment dispersion so should not be added in the grind, only at the let down stage.

3. Safety & Handling: DeCAL 4214 should be handled in accordance with good industrial practice. Detailed information is provided in the Safety Data Sheet.

 4. Storage: Whilst DeCAL 4214 is an extremely stable product it is recommended that it is protected from frost. We hope this information will be of value and if necessary we will be glad to offer additional technical advice. Please note that all our information is given in good faith, we can assume no responsibility for any liability incurred. Data and results should be confirmed by the Buyer by testing the product under its intended conditions of use. Version 0.1. 22.07.04

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