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DeCAL 4001 Thermoplastic Solution Polymer

DeCAL 4001 Thermoplastic Solution Polymer
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 DeCAL 4001 is a novel thermoplastic acrylic copolymer in aqueous solution offering excellent binding power, adhesion and gloss. DeCAL 4001 finds use in a wide range of applications ranging from water based paints, adhesives, inks, ceramic binders and paper coatings.

1. Typical Properties.

  • Appearance           Hazy Colourless Liquid
  • Chemical nature     Ammonium Salt of acrylic copolymer
  • Film properties       Hard & brittle 
  • Solids                  30%
  • Viscosity              2000 - 6000 cps Brookfield RVT 10 rpm
  • pH                       8.0
  • Ionic character      Anionic


2. Solution Properties: Solutions of DeCAL 4001 remain hazy and colourless above pH7 although some polymer precipitation can occur at reduced pH. The addition of a small amount of water will result in a marked reduction in solution viscosity.

3. Film Properties: Films of DeCAL 4001 are both clear and glossy and hard and brittle. Dry films are water resistant. Additional improvements in water and alkali resistance can be achieved through the use of a suitable crosslinking agent.

4. Safety & Handling: DeCAL 4001 should be handled in accordance with good industrial practice. Detailed information is provided in the Safety Data Sheet.

5. Storage: Whilst DeCAL 4001 is an extremely stable product it is recommended that it is protected from frost. We hope this information will be of value and if necessary we will be glad to offer additional technical advice. Please note that all our information is given in good faith, we can assume no responsibility for any liability incurred. Data and results should be confirmed by the Buyer by testing the product under its intended conditions of use. Version 0.1 16.10.03

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